Name :   Erny
Location :   Hampden, Me us
Date :   10/26/2010
Message (255 characters) :   nice a lot of birds at the feeder today. :)
Name :   Doug & Dawn Coughran
Location :   Perth, Western Australia
Date :   24 October 2010
Message (255 characters) :   The lake looks magical and the sounds are music to the soul.
Name :   Bob and Cate
Location :   Potters Lake
Date :   October 24, 2010
Message (255 characters) :   A ducky morning on Potters Lake. After a beautiful sunrise/moonset we found 100 ring neck ducks, a few hooded mergansers, four black ducks and an American widgeon (new on Potters Lake). A young eagle seems fascinated with the whole situation.
Name :   Greg Jongsma
Location :   Fredericton, NB
Date :   12-July-2010
Message (255 characters) :   Hello Bob, Thanks again for showing so much hospitality towards two rather strange herpetologists who landed out of the blue on to your door step. Ill be sure to let you know if I ever do find the elusive New Brunswick Water Snake. THANKS!
Name :   Kathy
Location :   Nashville
Date :   May 31, 2010
Message (255 characters) :   It sounds like you guys live inside a bee hive! Cant hear anything but bees and the occasional zip of a hummingbird!
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