First Name :   Jeff Bowen
Location :   Austin, Tx
Comments :   cool stuff man!! whens the next cd?????????
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First Name :   Steven
Location :   Panama City
Comments :   One word describes what I just heard AWESOME I cant believe theres a band in P.C. that does something so out of the ordinary I friken LOve the stuff.
Email :   
First Name :   Stacie
Location :   Crestview. FL
Comments :   Great the music! The only advice I could give to make it better would be to add vocals...can you guys sing?
Email :
First Name :   TIMMY
Location :   pc
Comments :   i like pee-nut-butt-er!=] ROK ON
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First Name :   sonya
Location :   panama city
Comments :   great drummer!!!
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First Name :   John
Location :   Panama City
Comments :   Hey... I like it ,cool website and the music is awesome,would definately like to see you guys live.
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First Name :   Mike
Location :   California
Comments :   Just got a copy of the cd, and its really cool!! thanks guys!
Email :   
First Name :   Bob the Bugman
Location :   panama city,fl
Comments :   Awesome!!!
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First Name :   Eric Samson
Location :   Toledo, OH
Comments :   Very impressive and worthy of airplay. Keep it up!!!
Email :   
First Name :   Lars E. Carlsson
Location :   Norrköping, Sweden
Comments :   Awesome!!I hope we can do some co-writing together.
Email :   
First Name :   David
Location :   New mexico
Comments :   New site , like the look
Email :   
First Name :   Tyler Dustin
Location :   USA
Comments :   Excellent site, added to favorites!!
Email :   
First Name :   Tammy
Location :   Littleport, UK
Comments :   Hey Stranger: Glad to hear things are going well. Thought of you while I was in the Hard Rock Cafe Vault in London. Was able to hold Kurt Dubain, Stevie Ray Vauhn, and Jimmy Hendrixs guitars. Take care and keep making GREAT music.
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First Name :   Angela
Location :   Georgia
Comments :   very HOT website ... keep up the good work!
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