Name :   Tim Collier
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Comment :   Blanche lived a very interesting early life. Its sad that Buck did not protect her by keeping her away from the Barrow gang but she found redemtion later.
Name :   Andy Lesko
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From :   Hawaii
Comment :   What a loyal lady.
Name :   Robb Cravens
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From :   Lexington, Ky
Comment :   I enjoyed the site very much. What impressed me the most is how much they loved each other. Im happy to be able to read the real story of the real people. Thank you!
Name :   Halley Adcock
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From :   Lynchburg, VA
Comment :   Hi Debborah. I go to Lynchburg College, a small liberal arts school in Lynchburg, Virginia. I am playing Blanche in Bonnie and Clyde the musical this fall at my school. Thank you so much for all the information about Blanche. This web page has been helpfu
Name :   Kim and Susan Jenkins
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From :   Oliver Springs, TN
Comment :   Great site, enjpyed it.
Name :   Steve Lovering
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From :   Bath, UK
Comment :   Thank you for a very well researched and informative site.
Name :   Doug Baliko
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From :   Charleston, SC
Comment :   Enjoyed very much reading about your life in the Barrow gang.
Name :   Dee
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From :   Chicago, Il
Comment :   There should be a movie telling her side of what went down.
Name :   Alisha Layton
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From :   Australia
Comment :   Thankyou for sharing, I really admire Blanche she was such a strong and loyal woman
Name :   miriam johnson
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From :   big sandy texas
Comment :   little did i know that one day my husband and i were talking about the jail that house bonnie and clyde in kemp texas that my husband may his comments that his grandpa and kins were friends with bonnie and clyde and were good folks i was amaze and now i w
Name :   Vickie Gunn
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From :   Rector,Arkansas
Comment :   My grandfather,Thomas Barrow, was Clydes 2nd cousin.
Name :   mike franey
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Comment :   Great history really enjoyed looking through all yhe pix
Name :   garylandrum
E-mail :   doowopgarage@aol com
From :   gary
Comment :   this is a standby her man lady;this tradgic story trandsensgenerations i read her book and loved it very well written
Name :   William Boone
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From :   Nacogdoches, Tx.
Comment :   There is something about this site that stirs me inside. As if I had been along for some of the ride.
Name :   Summer Sanders
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From :   Valley Mills Texas
Comment :   Treasure Detectress..... Uncovering the past one scoop at a time!!!
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